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Advanced Phone Log 1.0.0 Released

November 28, 2010 10 comments

A week ago, I was having dinner with a couple of friends. All of them use iPhone except me. One of  them told me he is looking for an app which could calculate the talk time for him, so he can use it to check against the phone bill. He said he cannot find one at Apple app store.

I immediately said, “I’m going to develop one for Android, switch to Android to use the app, dude.” Ok, that was a joke. But I did start to build such an app – Advanced Phone Log.

When I was developing the app, many ideas come to my mind. People needs to see the phone call time, the person’s name, talk time, and so on. People may also want to view only miss call or incoming call or outgoing call, or even miss call within last 3 days. In a word, the app must allow people to view whatever he/she wants.

So I designed the app to allow people to filter and sort the phone logs. People can specify call type, start time, end time, namd and number to filter call logs. People can sort the phone logs by time, name, talk time. There’re also a couple of built-in filters named shortcut, including all incoming call, all miss call, all outgoing call, previous month’s logs and current month’s logs.

The app also calculate the total talk time and number of phone calls for whatever is displayed, so I can show off to my friends and ask them to switch to Android. Winking smile

There’re several more functions in my mind for future releases. People needs privay, so private logs will be added. People wants to delete phone logs easily, the app will take care of it in future. Maybe backup function as well…

As usual, any comments and suggestions are welcome!

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